Chapter 1 of Magic to Spare Is Up

Good morning everyone! I’m just dropping by to post the link to my newest blog post over at Caffeine Diem. Today’s post is chapter one (the prologue I posted last week is linked at the top Ch 1) of the novella I’m writing specifically for Caffeine Diem, Magic to Spare. Hop on over and have a look… and if you have some creative work you’d like us to feature just email us at, we’d love to share something from someone new!


UPDATE! Plus a couple of random lines from a scene I was working on a few years ago.

First, the update. I’ve got a lot going on right now… October is my favorite month (O_O haunted-fucking-houses)… and I can’t promise I’ll post regularly. I’m going to have to have carpal tunnel release surgery some time in the next little bit (if my workman’s comp people get on the damned ball) and that will probably take me out of the writing game for a bit… well… typing game. I also plan on participating in NaNOWriMo next month (my name on the site is Triscut if you want to go find me) and between that and work I’m going to be sooooooooo damned distracted. x.x I’m sorry.

Right now I’m working on a scary story to post on here in honor of Halloween, it’s based on some things that happened to someone I know… but I’ve only got the general plot put down and I want it to be a fleshed out story before I post it… and I’ve been too busy/lazy to finish it. I’ve got a couple of random lines from something I was working on a few years ago that I thought might be well received (by the 2 people who read my blog…). So… um… here you go:

“Blood and sweat drenched her pale form and the screams from the man beneath her filled the room like a song. Sex, fear, and death perfumed the air and clung to her naked skin like a fine fragrance.”

Random Scene #1

Okay, this scene was written in… 2008 I think. It hadn’t been spellchecked or anything until a few moments ago. I did a couple of minor edits before posting here (because I made some really goofy mistakes) but otherwise it’s raw material. Enjoy… or hate it… whatever works for you!

It was on a night such as this, with the sky overcast and a breeze through the air, that he first came to me. Wreathed in shadows, he leaned against a building waiting for me to walk near him. I had sensed him in that spot many nights before but I could feel that that night was different. There was a kind if electric tension on the breeze and the world seemed to be holding its breath in anticipation of something great.

I walked right passed the spot he hid in like I sensed nothing odd. He had me locked between his chest and the brick wall of the building before I realized what had happened. My reflexes had me trying to struggle and I had my knife drawn before my brain had completely processed what I was doing. He tensed and let out a hiss when he felt the tip of the knife puncture his jeans. Once I realized what I had done, I dropped the knife and looked up at his face. His sensuous lips were spread in an almost malicious grin. I could see the razor sharp points of his incisors and canines, my suspicions were confirmed and that realization made every tense muscle in my body relax. The grin slid from his face and he gave me a strange look before he struck at my throat. I hissed in a quick breath and stiffened for an instant, feeling the tiny pin pricks, then the tearing of his teeth as they broke through and ripped at my skin. I think I tried to scream but couldn’t catch my breath and no sound would come out.

Then he began to feed and my body went completely slack, had it not been for his body pinning mine to the wall, I would have slid to the ground. As soon as he began suckling at the wounds he made in my neck, pleasure like nothing I had ever known began to build in me. It felt as though every cell of my body was on fire, passion and desire burning me from within. I began to moan and writhe against him. It seemed he didn’t want me writhing because he growled against my neck and held me motionless.

In moments the world had fallen away and all that was left was the fire consuming my body and the creature pressed against me. I could feel him straining tight against his jeans where his groin rubbed against mine and it was driving me crazy. I suddenly found myself wishing we weren’t wearing so many clothes.

He pulled back from me and laughed, a full-throated, masculine laugh that made parts of me that were already aching tighten painfully. “Not yet my sweet You are not ready,” he purred, “Soon.”

What he said made no sense to me in the state that I was in. I didn’t understand why he had stopped feeding. I felt as if I needed him to drink me dry. He started mumbling something under his breath then brought his index finger to his mouth. I watched him though heavily lidded eyes, feeling as though I was going to be consumed by the fire he lit inside of me if it wasn’t quenched. While looking into my eyes, he tore open his finger with his fangs and held it up between us as blood welled up in the small tear. Tipping his finger downward, he let one shimmering drop fall onto my bottom lip, my tongue shot out and licked the blood away. In that moment the fire within me coalesced into something I had never felt before and knew I would never feel again after. My body seemed to explode into a thousand pieces of raw pleasure, and then all was black.