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Now that Nano is Over

nano end

So, I had my carpal tunnel release surgery on November 10th… and was unable to finish Nanowrimo. I had to wear a brace on my left arm for 2 weeks and trying to type in it was so awkward (not to mention painful) and I lost the flow of my story. It’s pretty disappointing, I was all revved up and ready to win and get my novel finished. At the moment I’m trying to not see this as a failure… and struggling not to wallow. I keep reminding myself that I’ve never gotten this far before (I haven’t got much of the actual novel written but I have a ton of framework and the storyline plotted.) and that I can (will) still finish it… but it’s just do damned depressing to not win and I’m having a hard time getting myself to focus and try to write again. Even talking myself into writing a short blog post was a fight. I need something to get me excited about writing again, I get fresh ideas daily but I’m just don’t seem interested in writing them down.

Does anyone have any ideas that could help? Something to “light a fire under my ass” as it were? I don’t want to feel obligated to finish, I want to be excited about it. I want that spark back so the task of finishing this novel doesn’t seem so arduous.