Caffeine Diem Update

Just wanted to drop by and leave a link to my first post on Caffeine Diem. I didn’t post much, just a couple of short poems, but I figured I’d promote the bejeesus out of it anyway. Hopefully we’ll have some real content up very soon.


Small announcement!

My friend Amanda and I, along with a gent who goes by Gau are collaborating on a new blog/site called Caffeine Diem where we plan to post our own creative works as well as feature artistic content (not just writing, but all art forms) from other caffeine crazy creators. Head on over there and follow us, we’re just starting but we have some great stuff planned. Also, if you’re a creator of awesomely artistic stuff (novels, poetry, music, painting, photography etc.) and want to be featured just shoot us an email at caffeinediem@Gmail.com with your content and any relevant links you want shared. If it’s up to snuff you’ll be featured in one of our weekly “spotlight” posts.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Triscut Slacks off Again! (Staring a random snippet from a new short story.)

Holy crow! So, it’s been a while… like, 2 1/2 months. I’m sorry, holidays, my job, and carpal tunnel release surgery (on my right wrist this time) have caused much distraction (and the inability to write/type in the case of the surgery). During that time I managed to write a short story and start another novel.

And that’s what this post is about… me starting new projects without finishing the old ones. I can’t count the amount of word files I have with beginnings of stories or random dialogue for an idea that I lost interest in. I have a problem finishing things (and a head FULL of ideas). I plan to finish my vampire novel and the rest of the trilogy but I got assaulted by a short story… no big deal, jotted it out quickly and moved on… then this dragon thing conked me over the head. I wanted to ignore it and try to go back to my vampires but I was afraid that I’d lose something amazing if I didn’t get some of it down. Sooooooo, I wrote a chapter and a half on it and I’ve been stuck thinking about the details since.

For me, that seems to be the nature of the beast. I have lots and lots of ideas sloshing around in my head… distracting and interrupting… most of which refuse to cooperate with being completed. What does this mean for you, my (seriously, like only 3) readers? At the moment it means that you get a snippet from the short story I wrote (one of you has already read it in its entirety…). Remember, as with all of the snippets I post here, it’s still in its roughest form, probably full of typos and such. Also, a word of caution before you read, it’s paranormal erotica… so expect graphic content. Unfortunately I didn’t post any of the truly good bits. Something, something “Shiver with antici……………….”

A soft splash jerked her attention back to the man in the water. His nude form was fully revealed and he had taken a step toward her. Light shimmered off his pale skin and dark hair giving him a green shine and his large eyes were like a mirror. Bianca’s gaze drifted down his body, seemingly of its own accord, taking in his well defined chest and abdomen. He took another step and something bounced into her line of sight. Something she knew as obscene but felt compelled stare at. His member (though she had never seen a human member she was certain that’s what it was) jutted out from his groin, thick and proud… and large. Bianca gasped and tried to scuttle away from the water but her hand and feet couldn’t find purchase on the slick fabric beneath her.

The man bent over and crawled onto shore, his movements smooth and muscles rippling. His gaze captured hers and she froze again, fear fading behind a strange heat at her core. He slid slowly up her body, cool, slick flesh gliding smoothly against her own but catching the material of her chemise, dragging it upward as he went. By the time he was eye to eye with her the flimsy shift had risen all the way up over her hips, leaving her sex bared beneath him. A confused moan bubbled up out of her as he pressed his groin against her, his legs easing hers open. He pressed himself harder against her, not entering but sliding just out of bounds, and she felt his left hand slide up her ribcage. She gasped and her hips rose involuntarily against him. His mouth found hers in the same moment his hand found her breast and his thumb grazed the peak of her nipple. She writhed beneath him, lost in the intoxicating sensations his body was forcing on her. He deepened the kiss and soon she was on fire, his hand at her breast and his sex against her stoking the flames.

“…….. pation.”

Now that Nano is Over

nano end

So, I had my carpal tunnel release surgery on November 10th… and was unable to finish Nanowrimo. I had to wear a brace on my left arm for 2 weeks and trying to type in it was so awkward (not to mention painful) and I lost the flow of my story. It’s pretty disappointing, I was all revved up and ready to win and get my novel finished. At the moment I’m trying to not see this as a failure… and struggling not to wallow. I keep reminding myself that I’ve never gotten this far before (I haven’t got much of the actual novel written but I have a ton of framework and the storyline plotted.) and that I can (will) still finish it… but it’s just do damned depressing to not win and I’m having a hard time getting myself to focus and try to write again. Even talking myself into writing a short blog post was a fight. I need something to get me excited about writing again, I get fresh ideas daily but I’m just don’t seem interested in writing them down.

Does anyone have any ideas that could help? Something to “light a fire under my ass” as it were? I don’t want to feel obligated to finish, I want to be excited about it. I want that spark back so the task of finishing this novel doesn’t seem so arduous.

Nanowrimo 2014 2nd Weekend

Gawd. Seriously, that’s about all I can say about it right now. Working 40 hours a week and trying to pound the words out… not an easy task. At this point I’m approximately 12000 words behind. I’ve got the weekend to try and catch up (and a friend who intends to crack the whip at my ass… you should take a look at her blog: http://authoramandamccormick.wordpress.com/  )… so we’ll see. My wrists have given me some trouble and I expected that (I miss my anti-inflammatory meds this week.) but it’s my brain that I’m fighting the hardest with. I’m honestly not certain that I have the drive required to do this. Imma keep on keeping on though.

Monday and Tuesday will probably be “no word” days since I’m having surgery on my left wrist Monday afternoon. I hope to get ahead this weekend (goooood luck with that mess) so that I don’t feel so failtastic next week.

You can track my progress on my NaNo page and if you’re feeling generous you can donate to the cause on my official donation page both of which I’ve linked down below because my blog isn’t cooperating with inserting links for some reason (stupid thing).

If you have some tips and tricks to keep me in the game… or any other words of wisdom… feel free to comment and I’ll get back with you lovely peeps soon. For now, I’m going to glare at Scrivener and Word in the hopes that writing happens.

My NaNo profile: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/triscut

My donation page: https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=369106

Edit: I just edited this once because wordpress wouldn’t let me use the “insert link” function properly… I’m editing again because the links I posted aren’t clickable… so… copy/paste I guess. If anyone has any advice on how to make wordpress cooperate and link like it should, please feel free to harass me in the comments about it.

UPDATE! Plus a couple of random lines from a scene I was working on a few years ago.

First, the update. I’ve got a lot going on right now… October is my favorite month (O_O haunted-fucking-houses)… and I can’t promise I’ll post regularly. I’m going to have to have carpal tunnel release surgery some time in the next little bit (if my workman’s comp people get on the damned ball) and that will probably take me out of the writing game for a bit… well… typing game. I also plan on participating in NaNOWriMo next month (my name on the site is Triscut if you want to go find me) and between that and work I’m going to be sooooooooo damned distracted. x.x I’m sorry.

Right now I’m working on a scary story to post on here in honor of Halloween, it’s based on some things that happened to someone I know… but I’ve only got the general plot put down and I want it to be a fleshed out story before I post it… and I’ve been too busy/lazy to finish it. I’ve got a couple of random lines from something I was working on a few years ago that I thought might be well received (by the 2 people who read my blog…). So… um… here you go:

“Blood and sweat drenched her pale form and the screams from the man beneath her filled the room like a song. Sex, fear, and death perfumed the air and clung to her naked skin like a fine fragrance.”