OMG, Triscut is LAZY! Here, have a clip no one else has seen.

Guys… I’m super lazy. I hope there’s no one out there who relies on me for entertainment because I’m just terrible at keeping up with things. I also write great run-on sentences and my grammar is terrible.

I have been writing recently though, super excited about that, and I suppose I’m gonna share a clip with you that even Author Amanda McCormick hasn’t seen yet (and she gets to read everything I write… she’s gonna be sooooo mad). It’s from my vampire novel and it’s the roughest rough draft ever, so don’t judge me! Or do… I’m posting it anyway. A word of caution (to this tale, should Hercules fight, you will fail [sorry, bit punch-drunk and I couldn’t resist]) the scene is a bit homoerotic. There’s nothing really graphic in it but things are implied. If that bothers you then don’t read on… and this may not be the blog for you. Everyone else, enjoy!


“You’re not the vampire I expected.” A gruff voice rose out of darkness.

Lucca’s eyes adjusted to the gloom and the man belonging to the voice, and the energy, came into view. Fang marks, some new, others weeks old, covered his naked body and he was shackled to the wall behind him. Amber eyes rimmed in chocolate fire glared at him in defiance from beneath a brow that was furrowed in pain. Several days growth covered his face and head, giving him a decidedly rugged look. Lucca found his eyes roaming the strange were’s muscled form on their own, his body responding in ways it hadn’t responded to anything in centuries.

“How many of my people did you kill?” the angry words were like ice, freezing the sudden heat in his veins.

It took Lucca a moment to find his voice, “Your people?” he asked in confusion, “What people are you talking about?”

“My people, the weres that other fucking vampire has been using my blood to control. I could feel their deaths… How many?” The were’s words were tight and he suddenly collapsed against the chains.

“You’re their Alpha?” Lucca took a few cautious steps toward him, “We didn’t realize their alpha wasn’t complicit in all of this.

He sent out a mental signal to his people “Stop killing weres, things are more complicated than we thought. Capture and hold them.” The Alpha had gone quiet, Lucca sensed for his energy and sensed that it was dangerously weak, the death of his pack was threatening to take him with it. A strange sense of guilt and urgency overtook him and he tore the shackles from the were’s still body and supported it against his own as he eased him to the stone floor.

If you’re anything like me you read that and went “OMG, there’s so many things that she could/needs to do with that.” then you said “That dirty heifer, nothing sexual happened there at all! I have so much disappointment!” You’d (I’d be?) right about the first thing, it needs work and I’m not even remotely happy with it. That’s why I’ve not shared it with anyone else yet… and why you only get a tiny tiny snippet of it (ye gods there’s so much more). As for your second point, you’re perverted, I like you.

Anyway, that’s part of what I’ve been working on lately. Unfortunately my muse got a bit derailed after I wrote another scene with those two (for the second book in the trilogy) so I had a dry spell for a few days. Good news though, I started on a short story last night… then I almost named my main character Harley Davidson (on accident, I’m skilled). Fortunately I caught myself before the redneck in my subconscious embarrassed me thoroughly.

That’s it for tonight, folks. Anyone have any suggestions or words of wisdom? I’d appreciate any feedback that wasn’t blatantly hateful. No need for haters around these parts.


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