Nanowrimo 2014 2nd Weekend

Gawd. Seriously, that’s about all I can say about it right now. Working 40 hours a week and trying to pound the words out… not an easy task. At this point I’m approximately 12000 words behind. I’ve got the weekend to try and catch up (and a friend who intends to crack the whip at my ass… you should take a look at her blog:  )… so we’ll see. My wrists have given me some trouble and I expected that (I miss my anti-inflammatory meds this week.) but it’s my brain that I’m fighting the hardest with. I’m honestly not certain that I have the drive required to do this. Imma keep on keeping on though.

Monday and Tuesday will probably be “no word” days since I’m having surgery on my left wrist Monday afternoon. I hope to get ahead this weekend (goooood luck with that mess) so that I don’t feel so failtastic next week.

You can track my progress on my NaNo page and if you’re feeling generous you can donate to the cause on my official donation page both of which I’ve linked down below because my blog isn’t cooperating with inserting links for some reason (stupid thing).

If you have some tips and tricks to keep me in the game… or any other words of wisdom… feel free to comment and I’ll get back with you lovely peeps soon. For now, I’m going to glare at Scrivener and Word in the hopes that writing happens.

My NaNo profile:

My donation page:

Edit: I just edited this once because wordpress wouldn’t let me use the “insert link” function properly… I’m editing again because the links I posted aren’t clickable… so… copy/paste I guess. If anyone has any advice on how to make wordpress cooperate and link like it should, please feel free to harass me in the comments about it.


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